Hello guys!

Could you please do the following things for me:

  1. Move social icons from the top bar to the bottom bar and increase their size up to 50px.
  2. Category page: add category description above posts.
  3. Make logo exceed the navigation bar. Please take a look at https://www.dropbox.com/s/zgqsw3kix4zoctp/do-not-remove.jpg?i=1 Logo height is 300px.
  4. Make Team featured images clickable (let them link to team member web-site).
  5. Add more custom colours to Button shortcode (#00ebef, #6b005c and #009930).

Web-site credentials:

FTP access
login: admin
password: superpass

wp-admin access
wp-admin address: https://example.com/wp1/wp-admin/
username: admin
password: wppass